Friday, December 4, 2009

a recordimg done by tascha and i

last night. tascha and i drove back to my house with the intent to write some parts to a song we started throwing together with captain josh from kempner. at my house, my step dad needed help moving the piano and such to make room for the christmas tree. after that game of living room tetris we went to work.
we set up the microphones and started up the software, and whadda you know, we didnt even touch that song we origionally intended to dabble with. instead, i played a g chord and tascha started singing a song which we commonly play for family and during the occasional party. we decided to record that and were very pleased with the results. this song is origionally played with a full band and there is a guitar solo somewhere in the middle (tascha usually hums the solo). instead of the old fashioned hum, this time, she used a kazoo. WOO! the track came out great.
i dropped my mixing skills, made the recording sound pretty, and threw in some samples from a tape cassette which sometime between 1996-1997, was used as an answering maching tape for when my siblings and i would call my mom to say hello.
the song was origionally written by She & Him and is called Blackhole.
i hope you love it.

Blackhole (She & Him) - Kelly No Knuckle

we came up with kelly no knuckle because as i was mixing it, tascha found out that her sister doesnt have a thumb knuckle on one of her hands. interesting thing to learn after 11 years.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we want more lonliness!!!

well than. it seems that the lonliness of the long distance runner is standing still for a little bit but mr. ray is still working. since i dont want to break the chain of videos from that set on this blog. i will post the two videos from a new set on my other blog. you know, the one with the nonsence and sex. his two newes videos are in a set called, Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, and still putting me in awe.

click here to go to my other blog and watch them.

okay well for this post. ima give you another taste of the mixtape ive been claiming will come to life.

also this because my skin started falling off when i stumbled across this video.