Thursday, August 27, 2009

busy and something else

Good music. I've come across a band called Holiday Shores from Tallahassee. A good dose of reverberated hipster surf rock. I LOVE IT.
Maybe you should listen to them as you read.
Holiday Shores - Columbus'd the Whim

I AM ALWAYS BUSY! I am always somewhere and something else.
I also got a traffic ticket yesterday. I never speed, EVER, but this time I did. Whadda you know, right when we pull into Tascha's school to go out for lunch, there was a cop behind us. I was driving and Trish was on the phone with Tascha. "No, we arent getting pulled, oh wait, yes we are." DAMMIT! Speeding ticket, failure to show proof of insurance and a break light out.
This one will be hefty.
Last night, we went to an acquaintance's house to drink and such. I met this guy on craigslist. While living in killeen/fthood, most of my social relationships are rooted from this website. All of them were through ads on the musician board or through people I met on the musician board. All except Tascha tho, because shes a creeper, but its a good thing.
I got off topic.
I don't like drinking liquor so I brought beer. Also i was driving, so I only had three.
It was fun?
I'm more of a porch drinker. At gatherings like last night's, I don't have as good of a time. I feel like I wasted time actually. I would much rather drink with close friends and not just drink to get compleatly shitfaced. I enjoy drinking games for sure, but once a game is over, everyone seems instantly bored. We did play some music tho.
Open tunings make the world easier.
I have to go to the school today.
I never wanted to go to school.
I have always felt like I have the drive to get somewhere with out it. So, why pay for something you feel like you REALLY dont need. Well, it turns out, you cant do much with out good marks and a paper to prove it. Like having credit.
Something to make it look like I did something. When it reality, I just followed the standard plan.
That doesn't sound like me, doing something for myself, on my own. Not to me.

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