Thursday, November 19, 2009

my mind was blown on

Tascha and I went to a show last night!
Yesterday morning she notified me that the mountain goats were playing at Antones in Austin, which made us PUMPED! haha. We continuously checked online to make sure the tickets hadn't sold out. Well, come the time when i got out of class at 5:30pm, all was fucked. It sold out. On a Wednesday night??? Don't people have work and stuff in the morning? FUCK IT! We still went.
We blew up everyone on craigslist with potential tickets. On the way there we got a call, this call had reserved us one ticket! Now we just need another. Continuously checking email and craigslist, we follow I35. We make it to Antones and do the ticket/money exchange with homeboy from craigslist. We got in line with hopes for a scalper to come around with a ticket. No luck.
Lots more people needed tickets were standing off to the side to catch that person whose date didn't show up and were in the same position we were, begging. This was starting to make us sweat a little. We came so far and so did they.
"did anybody realize that they really don't like the mountain goats and are confused about why you're still in line? i can help resolve this conflict. just sell me your ticket and walk away."
Well, cutting out about an hour and a half of this, a very kind lad had and extra ticket on will call and we got in! WOOOOOO!
Only got to see the last bit of the first act. SHE HAD A FANTASTIC VOICE AND A MOUTH TO GO WITH IT! ha. Larkin Grimm was good. I wish we coulda gotten a bigger taste.

Okay, The Mountain Goats were fantastic. John Darnielle is hilarious. The conversational bits between songs had the crowd cracking up. He is for sure a delightfully awkward dude with his glasses and such. If he wasn't a musician, he would be a techie for a radio station or something.
The acoustic songs had my attention. There was a song that i was very, very into. I have never heard it but later found out. Color in Your Cheeks. I couldn't find an mp3 to post today but since I am putting together a mix tape for you..... have your hopes high.

This blog isn't really about The Mountain Goats or Larkin Grimm with here giant chompers, they were fantastic. My mind was blown on by our good sir, Owen Pallett as Final Fantasy.
JESUS!!! That dude has talent. Ive never seen anything like his performance. Looping sounds and melodies with his violen and looping over those, all in real time. I was mesmerized. Also, his percussionist/guitarist was a trip. The man was a beast on the guitar. My favorite part of the entire show was him covering Joanna Newsome. WOAH! Did not expect that. Because I suck and waste all of my money on fast food and cigarettes, I do not have a fancy video camera yet and have to post from youtube and such. Although this video is not from last night, it gets the point across well.

He did great!
After the show, Tascha and I had body pains from hell. Starving, we ate ourselves some of that JUMBO JACK from Jack in the Box. HEALTHY!! and we smoked cigarettes.
We drove back to Killeen from Austin, got to her room, and passed the fuck out.

but okay. i am out of words.
*note to self, buy a camera

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