Thursday, November 5, 2009

and the reasons keep pileing in

so today, i went to pick up my little sister from school. the drive is about 20 min there and 20 min back and sometime between this 40 minute time span, a few people decided to fire some rounds at innocent people. us driving had no word of the sort.
we pulled up to the gate, where i flash my military dependant id at the guard to get let onto post, and were let in just as usual.
into our neighborhood. we pull into the drive way and get out. as we walk through the back gate, sirens take over the airspace.
our neighbors start to slowly walk out of their houses to listen in.
Listen to this audio clip now.
We were all very confused. One lady said there was a shooting and to go inside and watch the news.
Woah. Surprisingly enough, in the town i live in, people were being killed, by other people. I am, at this moment, still under lock down.
If you listened to the audio clip, than you have heard what has been repetitively playing from the trees and through the streets of my neighborhood for the past two hours.
They are soldiers and they were upset. there is no justification for what they've done and are still doing but the motives, im sure, go deep.

I am going to move to the pacific northwest very soon.

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  1. it might be because i'm super-duper tired tonight, or just super-duper sensitive, but i only got to "hear" about this secondhand from sig other, while he watched on TV (home from work and in town, unusual for a week day since he travels a lot), and i was making a "mental note" to try and catch up on current events soonly because this week has been a blur. and you then i pop on line for last seconds tonight, way wee hours and should already be in bed, but still working ... and find someone who has been affected firsthand, lockdown, and expressed it in an amazing, humbling way.